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Comparison of Immunity-Specific Activity by Bacteria Type

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Immunity-Boosting Effect

Intestinal Pathogen Preventative Effect

Edema Inhibitory Effect

Birth Defect Prevention Effect

Anti-diabetic Effect

Blood Pressure Elevation Inhibition and Improved Liver Function Effects

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- Hyperthermic cancer treatment enhancing effect

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- Combined effect with radiotherapy

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- Radiotherapy CT2

- Radiotherapy CT3

- Radiotherapy CT4

- Radiotherapy CT5

Overview of Conference Presentations on Immunobiotic Lactic Acid Bacteria EF-2001

Overview of Theses on Immunobiotic Lactic Acid Bacteria EF-2001


Intestinal pathogen (streptomycin-resistant E. coli) preventative effect in mice administered with EF-2001

Mice were administered feed containing 10% EF-2001 for a four-week period, then orally administered streptomycin-resistant (SM-resistant) exogenous E. coli bacteria. The number of SM-resistant E. coli bacteria in the excrement of the mice was measured.

* (n) = number of mice with SM-resistant E. coli bacteria found in their excrement

SM-resistant E. coli quickly disappeared from the excrement, indicating an intestinal pathogen preventative effect.


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