Anti-Tumour Effect

Anti-Allergy Effect

Intestinal Flora Improvement Effect

Comparison of Immunity-Specific Activity by Bacteria Type

Radioprotective Effect

Immunity-Boosting Effect

Intestinal Pathogen Preventative Effect

Edema Inhibitory Effect

Birth Defect Prevention Effect

Anti-diabetic Effect

Blood Pressure Elevation Inhibition and Improved Liver Function Effects

Cancer Treatment Clinic (1)

- Hyperthermic cancer treatment enhancing effect

- Hyperthermic treatment CT1

- Hyperthermic treatment CT2

- Hyperthermic treatment CT3

Radiotherapy Clinic (2)

- Combined effect with radiotherapy

- Radiotherapy CT1

- Radiotherapy CT2

- Radiotherapy CT3

- Radiotherapy CT4

- Radiotherapy CT5

Overview of Conference Presentations on Immunobiotic Lactic Acid Bacteria EF-2001

Overview of Theses on Immunobiotic Lactic Acid Bacteria EF-2001


Anti-tumour effect of EF-2001 in mice

Anti-tumour effect of EF-2001 on Meth-A fibrosarcom in mice

A suppression trend was observed in the EF-2001 group in contrast to the control group from around the 13th day following transplant, with a marked decrease in the size of the tumour from the 15th day.

Anti-tumour effect of EF-2001 on Sarcoma-180 in mice

The size of the tumour (mm2) in the EF-2001 group markedly decreased compared to the control group throughout the measurement period from the 2nd day of administration (the 4th day after tumour transplant), and a notable tumour growth inhibitory effect was observed.

Lymphocyte / polymorphonuclear leukocyte increase (L/P activity) effect of EF-2001 in the peripheral blood of mice

The control group showed a gradual increase, while the EF-2001 group showed a rapid increase, with a significantly (P<0.5) higher L/P than the control group at every point and a particularly pronounced significant difference on the 14th day.



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