Anti-Tumour Effect

Anti-Allergy Effect

Intestinal Flora Improvement Effect

Comparison of Immunity-Specific Activity by Bacteria Type

Radioprotective Effect

Immunity-Boosting Effect

Intestinal Pathogen Preventative Effect

Edema Inhibitory Effect

Birth Defect Prevention Effect

Anti-diabetic Effect

Blood Pressure Elevation Inhibition and Improved Liver Function Effects

Cancer Treatment Clinic (1)

- Hyperthermic cancer treatment enhancing effect

- Hyperthermic treatment CT1

- Hyperthermic treatment CT2

- Hyperthermic treatment CT3

Radiotherapy Clinic (2)

- Combined effect with radiotherapy

- Radiotherapy CT1

- Radiotherapy CT2

- Radiotherapy CT3

- Radiotherapy CT4

- Radiotherapy CT5

Overview of Conference Presentations on Immunobiotic Lactic Acid Bacteria EF-2001

Overview of Theses on Immunobiotic Lactic Acid Bacteria EF-2001


dema inhibitory effect on mice that have ingested EF-2001

Mice were administered EF-2001 for a two-week period. They were then subcutaneously injected with E. coli in the back, and after 10 days injected intracutaneously with the same E. coli on the sole of the foot and the edema measured. They were fed the test feed throughout the test period.

※P < 0.05 P < 0.01 , n=5

Edema from E. coli was more inhibited among mice in the EF-2001 group than in the control group.


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